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Croissants Experience Launch

Happy 2018 dearest friends in food!  Here's what's cooking in the New Year:

Shortly before Christmas I kicked off my first Croissants Experience, this time hosted from my kitchen.  


I had the pleasure of hosting two hopeful culinarians - a very charming couple (originally from France, funnily enough) and I enjoyed putting together an array of four types of delicious French pastries from scratch: Croissants, Almond Croissants, Pain au Raisin, and Pain au Chocolat.  Pardon the food pun, but there was nothing "pain"-ful about it, and no scarcity of delicious, buttery results.  It was great fun with plenty of finished pastries to go around.

IMG_6290 (1).jpg

One of the important concepts we covered was understanding how to laminate pastry, giving the dough those seemingly endless alternating layers of pastry and butter, yielding optimum flakiness and flavour!  Something to shout about, especially when accomplished within a home kitchen setting.  We created one dozen pastries per person, so no one could possibly be left hungry.  One of the great added bonuses of this class is that the baked products can be easily preserved when cooled after baking and then frozen, wrapped and sealed for up to one month.  

I am now hosting this experience regularly from my kitchen.  The class is 4.5 hours, priced at £140 per person, limit two people per class, and a light meal is included.  This class also makes the perfect gift, click here to purchase, or for bookings, email:


Here's what lovely clients Guillaume and Tiff had to say about their experience:

"As a French couple living abroad, the idea to book a class to learn how to bake croissants may sound ironic, but it was an actual dream achievement for us!  Chef Annamarie was just simply great.  From the great organisation (all the ingredients and tools were planned in advance by her), to the very accessible explanations for neophytes likes us, along some serious laughs, this is how baking should be experienced as a couple: exciting, challenging, and fun.  And the most important, they tasted like Home!"

-Guillaume & Tiff