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Putting on a weekend party? Go Pica-Pica!

We are only halfway through summer and it's important to give the kitchen a rest and move things outdoors altogether, especially when it comes to entertaining.  Let's make our guests comfortable and give them what they really need: A Pica-Pica Party.

A simple pica-pica spread: selection of seafood conservas, olives, potato crisps and a refreshing vermouth

A simple pica-pica spread: selection of seafood conservas, olives, potato crisps and a refreshing vermouth

What does Pica-Pica mean exactly?  The word "pica" is derived from the Spanish verb "picar" which means to select, to choose, or to pick.  In terms of Spanish gastronomy, it simply means "a little bit of this, a little bit of that" or more primitively, "to peck!"  

Before I give you your to-do list, you absolutely must be open to the fact that most items will come from a tin, literally.  If you've never had a thing for tinned gourmet food, then maybe skip to the jarred olives, crisps, and booze.  Otherwise, give your palate some real loving with Spanish conservas, (berberechos in Catalan) or foods preserved and aged in liquids such as oil, lemon juice, tomato, herbs and/or vinegar, with added seasonings.  You can find anything under the sun from vegetables to meat and seafood.  Not only are they full of flavour, but they are rich in protein, vitamins, and minerals.  Consider yourself lucky when biting into a little bit of sand.  This is added flavour, and nature's little reminder that not everything is a derivative of plastic.  

For your Pica-Pica party here's all you need:

  • good company
  • a selection of conservas, such as mussels, cockles, sardines, anchovies, octopus, squid and razor clams 
  • marinated green olives
  • a bottle of red pepper sauce or Salsa Espinaler (if you can't find it, Tobasco or Frank's will do, although these pack a bit more heat)
  • potato crisps
  • bottle of vermouth, plenty of ice, soda water, an orange + tumblers or cups
  • cocktail sticks



Pop open potato crisps, place in bowl.  Place olives in another bowl.  Place ice in tumblers, and pour 1/3 full of vermouth + splash of soda + an orange peel into each glass.  Using cocktail sticks, dive straight into conservas contained in respective tins, no plating necessary!  Drizzle red pepper sauce as needed. Sit back and sip the vermouth.  Happy pecking!

Source: Sedimentality for putting on the best summer pica-pica spreads!

Pica-Pica at  Espinaler  with  Sedimentality

Pica-Pica at Espinaler with Sedimentality