Prepare to indulge.  Create a tasting experience for your next company event.


Annamarie specialises in tailor-made workshops and events to discover the chocolate aficionado in all of us

£55 pp, 10 people minimum (1.5 hours)

Whether you yearn for dark, milk, or white chocolate, you will be sure to enjoy fine quality artisan tastes handpicked by Annamarie from fine chocolatiers and bean-to-bar makers in London and UK: 

Melt Chocolates

Paul A Young

Rococo Chocolates

Damson Chocolate

Land Chocolate



  • Guided in-depth talk of how chocolate is made.  Outline of the entire process of bean to bar creation.
  • Tasting activity to include an array of fresh artisan chocolates.  Discussion of flavour properties
  • Delectable pairing of chocolates to match an exceptional selection of fine wines, beers. spirits, or cheese
  • Unique chocolate activity such as a blindfolded tasting, truffle rolling, crafting, and/or decorating chocolates



Annamarie will be your culinary guide in tasting and pairing superb wines and fine foods.  Broaden your mind through an adventure in taste.

Starts at £45 pp, 10 people minimum

  • charcuterie
  • artisan cheeses
  • wines
  • beers
  • spirits

Whatever occasion you're planning, please get in touch!